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Graduate Students (supervisor):

1. Seyyed Alireza Hosseini MSc 2014 Design, Simulation and Fabrication of a Rotman Lens Antenna at Ku-band Based on SIW Structure
2. Mahdi Taghizadeh MSc 2015
Design and Simulation of a FSS at the X-Band for Improvement of Stability Under Variation of the Angle of Incidence in the Both TE & TM Polarizations
3. Mojtaba Basravi MSc 2016 Analysis and Design of Electromagnetic Absorbers using FSS Structures at X-Band
4. Reza Abed MSc 2016
Design and Simulation of High Frequency miniaturized Antenna Using Metamaterial Structure
5. Parisa Karimi MSc 2016 Analysis of Graphene Based Periodic Structures in Presence of Magnetic Field
6. Hossein Mohamadi MSc   Design and Simulation of Circular Phased Array Antenna with 30dB Gain in X Band
7. Maryam Amiri MSc    
8. Mohamad Reza Attai MSc    

Graduate Students (Advisor):

1. Marzieh Nasirian MSc 2014 Design, Simulation and implemention of a Ku-Band Microstrip Array Antenna for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
2. Isa Mazrefard MSc 2015 Design and Simulation of a Conformal Surface Wave Antenna Based on Periodic Structures
3. Shabnam Rozbahani MSc 2016 Design and Simulation of a Reflectarray in X-band for Cosecant Squared Radiation Pattern

PHD Students (supervisor):

1. Marzieh Nasirian PHD    
2. Sayed Hasan Esmaiili PHD  

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